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Durante más de 20 años Allfunds ha proporcionado a sus Distribuidores acceso al mayor mercado de fondos a través de su plataforma de intermediación, un servicio clave entonces y hoy. Desde entonces hemos crecido en tamaño, pero sobre todo en alcance y experiencia.

Escuchando activamente las necesidades de nuestros clientes y anticipándonos a la evolución del sector, hemos seguido ampliando la oferta de servicios disponibles en la plataforma Allfunds para ofrecer la solución de ventanilla única o one-stop-shop, más completa del sector. A través de una sólida oferta de análisis de datos, ESG y desarrollo de soluciones tecnológicas a medida, ayudamos a nuestros socios a reforzar sus propias ofertas de productos, mejorar sus relaciones con sus clientes y simplificar la gestión de fondos.

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Allfunds, la primera plataforma de ventanilla única o one-stop shop, continúa siendo líder de mercado con la más amplia selección de servicios del sector.

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Un completo conjunto de servicios y soluciones intuitivos y fáciles de usar que le ayudarán a hacer crecer su negocio, fortalecer las relaciones con sus clientes y simplificar sus operaciones.

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Allfunds announces launch of second tranche of its €100 million share buyback programme announced in 2023

London/Madrid/Amsterdam – Allfunds Group plc (“Allfunds”) (TICKER: ALLFG), one of the world’s leading B2B WealthTech platforms for the fund industry, announces today that, pursuant to its share buyback programme announced on 28 July 2023, covering up to €100 million, to repurchase its ordinary shares (the “Shares”) with the purpose to reduce Allfunds’ share capital (the “SBB Programme”), it will launch the second tranche of the SBB programme, that will cover up to €50 million.

The second tranche of the SBB Programme will start on 18 June 2024 with a maximum of up to 12.5 million Shares (“Maximum Shares”) and up to a maximum total value of €50 million (“Maximum Consideration”). It is expected to end at the earliest of: (a) the date on which the Maximum Shares have been purchased; (b) the date on which the Maximum Consideration has been reached; and (c) 31 October 2024.

This tranche of the SBB Programme is being carried out pursuant to a buyback contract signed with Goldman Sachs International in the terms approved by the shareholders of Allfunds at its annual general meeting held on 7 May 2024 and under the authority to purchase up to 62,005,570 Shares granted thereby. It will also be carried out in compliance with the requirements set out in article 5 of the Market Abuse Regulation (EU) 596/2014 and Chapter II of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052 (the “Applicable Regulations”).

In accordance with the requirements under the Applicable Regulations, Allfunds will provide weekly updates on the progress of the programme via press release and on the Investor Relations section of Allfunds´ website: https://allfunds.com/en/investors/share/.

Important Legal Information


This press release is issued in connection with the disclosure and reporting obligations set out in Article 2(1) of the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052.

Certain statements in this document may be forward-looking. There are a number of risks, uncertainties and other important factors which could cause actual results or events to differ materially from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements. These include, among other factors, changing economic, business or other market conditions, changing political conditions and the prospects for growth anticipated by the management of Allfunds. Any forward-looking statements contained in this document based upon past trends or activities should not be taken as a representation that such trends or activities will continue in the future. Allfunds does not undertake any obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. No undue reliance should be placed in such forward-looking statements.

16 jun 2024

Allfunds and MainStreet Partners Unveil Sustainability Navigator

Allfunds and MainStreet Partners Unveil the Sustainability Navigator: a cutting-edge automated tool designed to efficiently build and audit Article 8 and 9 portfolios in line with the current EU regulatory framework.

Allfunds and MainStreet Partners are proud to announce the launch of the Sustainability Navigator, an innovative tool engineered to streamline the construction of sustainable investment portfolios and deliver comprehensive data insights for asset managers and wealth managers in line with the frameworks of the SFDR regulation.

Sustainability Navigator is a direct result of the collaborative efforts of Allfunds and MainStreet Partners, which have harnessed their combined expertise and strengths to create this tool. MainStreet Partners brings unmatched proficiency in sustainability advisory and proprietary data since 2008. Conversely, Allfunds contributes its cutting-edge digital ecosystem and user-centric approach, seamlessly integrating the tool into Allfunds Connect for instant access to tailored information.

The tool empowers users in two primary ways:
1) The option to upload existing portfolios and gain instant access to a detailed report and breakdowns of several data points including: % of sustainable investments, ESG ratings, presence of controversies and taxonomy alignment.

2) Alternatively, build customized portfolios from scratch and in line with Art.8 and 9 frameworks of EU's Sustainable Finance Disclosures Regulation, using a universe of over 8,500 issuers. Investors can apply various filtering criteria based on best ESG screening practices, including controversies, PAIs, and alignment to the UN SDGs. This empowers them to build portfolios and universes that align with their specific sustainability goals and objectives, while obtaining comprehensive ESG results for each selected issuer.

Key features of the Sustainability Navigator include:

  • Comprehensive Data Integration: Leveraging a vast database of over 8,500 issuers to offer rich and accurate insights on portfolio risk and positive contribution.

  • Real-Time Analysis and Simulation: Empowering users to filter and analyze the sustainable universe in real time.

  • Streamlined Sustainable Portfolio Construction: Simplifying the task of building sustainable portfolios with a tool developed purposefully in alignment with current EU sustainability regulation and frameworks.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Providing a seamless and intuitive journey for users to make informed choices without overwhelming complexities.

Juan de Palacios, Chief Strategy and Product Officer at Allfunds, proudly states, "We are thrilled to release this tool, showcasing the fruitful collaboration that has evolved since we announced Allfunds' acquisition of MainStreet at the beginning of 2023. This undertaking aligns perfectly with our ambition at the time of leveraging leading sustainable data and expertise and integrate it who seamlessly into Allfunds' one stop-shop approach."

Simone Gallo, Managing Director at MainStreet Partners adds “The development of the Sustainability Navigator, supported by Allfunds extensive distribution network, will bring MainStreet’s expertise closer to a wider audience. Together we have built a unique digital tool to automatise the main needs of several investors that want to build an Art.8 product or transform an Art.8 into and Art.9 and have often asked us: how can I build and audit in an efficient and cost-effective way several sustainable universes using thousands of data points that speak the language of the SFDR framework?”

Simone Gallo, Managing Director at MainStreet Partners adds “The development of the Sustainability Navigator will bring MainStreet’s expertise closer to a wider audience. We have built, together with Allfunds, a unique digital tool to automatise the main needs of several investors that want to build an Art.8 product or transform an Art.8 into and Art.9 and have often asked us: how can I build and audit in an efficient and cost-effective way several sustainable universes using thousands of data points that speak the language of the SFDR framework?”

13 may 2024

Allfunds alcanza los 100.000 millones de euros de activos bajo administración en el Reino Unido

Londres/Madrid/Ámsterdam29 de abril 2024 – Allfunds (AMS: ALLFG), una de las principales plataformas WealthTech B2B para la industria de fondos, anuncia que en 2024 ha alcanzado los 100.000 millones de euros en activos bajo administración en el Reino Unido.

En 2005 Allfunds abrió su primera oficina en Londres como parte de su expansión estratégica en Europa y desde entonces el Reino Unido se ha convertido en uno de sus mercados clave. Durante este tiempo, la empresa ha continuado reforzando su equipo e infraestructura para avanzar su oferta tecnológica y propuesta de valor, consolidando y ampliando su base de clientes.

Alcanzar los 100.000 millones de euros de activos bajo administración es el resultado de múltiples hitos que han impulsado el papel de Allfunds como socio estratégico para apoyar el crecimiento y la competitividad de sus clientes en la región, entre ellos:

· Allfunds ha seguido incorporando talento de primer nivel, como Tom Wooders, nombrado Country Head del Reino Unido e Irlanda en 2023 para potenciar la escala y relevancia del negocio en estas regiones.

· También en 2023, Allfunds fue autorizada por la PRA y la FCA para operar como Third Country Branch (Sucursal de un tercer país en el Reino Unido), asentándose como proveedor de confianza en servicios de distribución, negociación, liquidación y bancarios para una creciente lista de clientes en el mercado británico.

·  Un crecimiento destacado en los últimos 18 meses, impulsado por la excelente reputación de Allfunds en la prestación de sus servicios, el desarrollo de nuevas y avanzadas herramientas, su capacidad de adaptarse a las demandas del mercado local y su compromiso por adaptarse y satisfacer las necesidades individuales de sus clientes.


Juan Alcaraz, CEO de Allfunds, señala: «Estoy encantado de que nuestro negocio en el Reino Unido haya alcanzado este importante hito. El sector de la gestión patrimonial y activos continúa transformándose hacia la digitalización y esto, combinado con unos márgenes operativos cada vez más reducidos, han empujado a las empresas a buscar eficiencias en su operativa diaria, un área donde Allfunds es un socio ideal. Confío en la capacidad de nuestro equipo para seguir creciendo y evolucionando, y para desempeñar un papel integral en el éxito de todo el Grupo».


Tom Wooders, Country Head para Reino Unido e Irlanda de Allfunds, añadió: «Alcanzar los 100.000 millones de euros en activos bajo administración en el Reino Unido es un hito del que todo el equipo local debe sentirse orgulloso, y me gustaría hacer extensivo mi agradecimiento y felicitación a todos por su compromiso con su trabajo. También me gustaría expresar mi gratitud a nuestros clientes y a la confianza que continúan depositando en nosotros; esperamos seguir colaborando estrechamente con ellos en los próximos años. Allfunds es un lugar de trabajo innovador e inspirador y seguimos invirtiendo en nuestro talento, así como en productos y soluciones para garantizar que este espíritu perdure y que podamos continuar creciendo al ritmo y la escala que hemos logrado hasta la fecha”.

29 abr 2024

Allfunds Drives AI Innovation and Infrastructure Optimization with Google Cloud

Madrid / London, 23 April 2024 – Allfunds, one of the leading B2B WealthTech platforms for the fund industry, today announced a partnership with Google Cloud to enhance its capabilities through cloud computing, advanced data and analytics and artificial intelligence.

The partnership aims to deliver transformational solutions for Allfunds' extensive network of Distributors and Fund Houses, providing enhanced capabilities, strengthened security and cutting-edge tools to address the complex challenges of fund distribution and it will focus on two key areas:

Drive data and AI innovation that will allow Allfunds to create new financial information products, fostering new growth opportunities.

Develop a secure, scalable, sustainable technological architecture to aid Allfunds' operational growth and migration to cloud services.


The partnership will enhance all end clients’ access to advanced data analytics tools, and in addition, complement Allfunds Data and Analytics present offering, providing a more robust technological architecture. Fund houses will have the ability to gain deeper insights into investor behavior, market trends, and risk profiles, enabling more informed decision-making for product development, portfolio optimization, and distribution strategies. Simultaneously, distributors will benefit from faster access to critical data, streamlined operations, and greater scalability, made possible by the infrastructure and technological architecture optimization powered by Google Cloud.

Juan Alcaraz, CEO and Founder of Allfunds stated, "At Allfunds we always strive to be at the forefront of innovation, whether by developing solutions in-house with our own talented team or by partnering with leading experts in their field, such as in this strategic partnership with Google Cloud. True to our WealthTech DNA, we remain committed to delivering the best tools and technology for our clients and continuing to support them on their journey of growth and success.”

Tara Brady, President, Google Cloud for Europe, Middle East and Africa added “There is a significant opportunity to transform the financial services industry with cloud and AI technologies. Our partnership with Allfunds will help power its innovation journey with Google Cloud's AI technologies and our secure and scalable infrastructure. Our collaborative efforts will empower Allfunds' clients with the tools and insights they need to make better-informed decisions and drive growth.”

23 abr 2024

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