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Dal 2000, Allfunds consente ai distributori di accedere al più grande mercato di fondi attraverso la sua piattaforma di negoziazione e trading, un servizio fondamentale allora come oggi. Siamo cresciuti in dimensioni, ma soprattutto in valore ed esperienza.

L’ascolto attivo delle esigenze della nostra clientela e la previsione degli sviluppi del settore ci hanno consentito di continuare ad ampliare l'offerta di servizi disponibili sulla piattaforma Allfunds così da proporre l’one-stop-shop più completo del settore. Grazie a una solida offerta di analisi dei dati, soluzioni ESG e IT personalizzate, aiutiamo la nostra clientela a rafforzare la propria offerta di prodotti, a migliorare le relazioni con gli stakeholder e a semplificare la gestione dei fondi.

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Allfunds mette a disposizione la maggiore offerta di fondi con accordi di distribuzione globale.


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I distributori usufruiscono di opzioni di prezzo interessanti che si traducono in risparmi sui costi.


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Dai nostri 17 uffici siamo in grado di fornire assistenza a tutti i nostri mercati operativi per garantire copertura su scala globale e supporto su scala locale.



Primo one-stop-shop nel suo genere, Allfunds è tuttora leader di mercato con la più ampia selezione di servizi del settore.

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Una serie di servizi e soluzioni intuitive e di facile utilizzo per aiutarvi a far crescere la vostra attività, a rafforzare le relazioni con i clienti e a semplificare le vostre operazioni.

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Allfunds selected by Banca Aletti, Banco BPM Group, to facilitate clients’ access to private markets

Milan, 20 December 2023 – Allfunds (AMS:ALLFG), the leading B2B WealthTech platform for the fund management industry, today announces it has been selected by Banca Aletti, private bank and investment center of Banco BPM Group, to facilitate its clients' access to alternative funds. This is in line with keeping with the private banking industry's increasing focus on private markets.

In particular, Banca Aletti will adopt the technology provided by Allfunds Alternative Solutions (AAS) to facilitate the distribution of closed-end, semi-liquid and ELTIF funds. Through Allfunds' technology, in fact, the operational aspects of investing in private assets are simplified, and access to alternative funds is made as quick and immediate as access to conventional funds.

Stefano Catanzaro, Country Head Italy of Allfunds said, "Being selected by Banca Aletti is a further confirmation of our positioning in the Italian market. We are among the leaders in mutual fund distribution and now we aim to consolidate our position also in private markets. Our goal is to break down the barriers to investing in private markets funds through technological and process developments that simplify distribution by private banks and wealth managers."

Alessandro Varaldo, CEO of Banca Aletti, adds “Extra returns, greater diversification, more efficient portfolios consistent with the current market environment. These are the plus of an allocation in private markets that must, however, also take into account the illiquidity of solutions, the high complexity of analysis and the lower transparency compared to the world of listed investments. This scenario explains why Banca Aletti has chosen a selective approach in making instruments that invest in private markets available to its clients. Only a small number of solutions characterized by speed in the deployment and return of capital, excellence in the track record of the investment team, leadership of the selected partner on the asset class being invested in, high commission competitiveness and, finally, efficiency from an operational and administrative point of view. On this last point, which is far from being of secondary importance, Banca Aletti has identified Allfunds as a strategic partner.”


20 dic 2023

Allfunds reports on the progress of its share buyback programme

London/Madrid/Amsterdam – Allfunds Group plc (“Allfunds”) (TICKER: ALLFG) informs today that, under its share buyback programme announced on 28 July 2023, 153,300 of its own ordinary shares have been repurchased from 11 to 19 December 2023 on Euronext Amsterdam. The shares were repurchased at an average price of €6.21 per share. The total consideration of the repurchase was €952,313.90.

The maximum total value of the first tranche of the share buyback programme amounted to €50 million. To date, 9,370,646 ordinary shares have been repurchased for a total consideration of €50,000,000.81. Therefore, the first tranche of the programme has now been completed.

Allfunds will now take the necessary steps for the 9,370,646 repurchased shares to be cancelled. Following their cancellation, the share capital will be reduced by €23,426.62 to €1,550,139.26 and will be divided into 620,055,702 ordinary shares. Allfunds will notify the AFM of the updated share capital without delay.

The buyback is being carried out under the authority to purchase own shares granted by the shareholders of Allfunds at its annual general meeting held on 9 May 2023 and in compliance with the requirements set out in article 5 of the Market Abuse Regulation (EU) 596/2014 and Chapter II of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052.

For detailed information on the individual share purchase transactions, see the Allfunds investor website at: https://investors.allfunds.com/share_info#share_programme.

This press release is issued in connection with the disclosure and reporting obligation set out in Article 2(2) of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052.

19 dic 2023

Allfunds Tech Solutions and Ardan International Extend Collaboration to Enhance Investment Platform

Madrid / London, 18 December 2023 – Allfunds Tech Solutions, the bespoke digital solutions arm of Allfunds, and Ardan International, a rapidly growing wealth platform designed for international advisers and their clients, have announced an extension of their collaboration to further enhance the capabilities of Ardan's investment platform.


As part of the agreement, Allfunds Tech Solutions has developed a cutting-edge multi-asset research center exclusively for Ardan's advisors, an evolution of Allfunds integrated ecosystem, Allfunds Connect. This state-of-the-art tool enables users to compare funds and access an equity research center that draws information from external market data vendors. With advanced features, advisors can now easily monitor a vast selection of over 190,000 mutual funds and ETFs, simplifying decision-making in portfolio management.


Ardan International has been a valued and long-standing client of Allfunds, benefiting from the comprehensive range of services available as a one-stop shop for wealth professionals. The recently enhanced research centre illustrates Allfunds’ role as a strategic partner, capable of adapting and offering customized solutions to cater to the unique requirements of its clients.


Sarah Dunnage, CEO of Ardan International, expressed her satisfaction with the collaboration, stating, "Allfunds Connect is a great tool for the advisers who use our platform to search, analyze, and compare mutual funds and ETFs. It simplifies and expedites the process of making the right investment choices for advisers and their clients."


Juan de Palacios, Chief Strategy and Product Officer of Allfunds, added, "We are thrilled to further strengthen our partnership with Ardan International. The enhanced research and comparison capabilities will provide their advisors with unmatched insights and enable them to deliver even greater value to their clients."

18 dic 2023

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